AdF 2007 Douro

Project 90 of 91

Alvim de Faria launches AdF 2007 Douro in partnership with Dirk Niepoort

The president and founder of AdF PR International ALVIM de FARIA in partnership with Dirk Niepoort has just launched a special Douro Red Wine called “AdF 2007 Douro” and a very old “Port Prestige” which concentrates the best wine blending from Niepoort wineyard Quinta de Napoles into a especial selection available to all the best palates.

About AdF 2007 Douro

AdF 2007 Douro blends the strong character of the Douro Valley with the great wisdom and subtleness of a fine wine aged in big old casks.

This special edition evades us into the personality and charisma of ALVIM de FARIA, combining the wildness of the Douro River and the warmth of Africa.

About Niepoort

Niepoort has been an independent family business since 1842. Dirk Niepoort is the fifth generation and his passion for wines has defined the team spirit over the last two decades.

QUINTA DE NÁPOLES includes nearly 30 hectares of vineyards. The vines grow at an altitude of 140 to 260 metres and range from 18 to over 80 years old. Located on the left bank of the Têdo River, this is where Niepoort makes their red, white and rosé wines.

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