Red Devil Bang – Be a Champion

Project 80 of 91

The Club has been beating for nearly one hundred years, and thanks to AdF PR efforts in 2008, Hublot the Siwss Luxury brand of watches has been since the official timekeeper for the most famous football club in the world, Manchester United.A club with an exceptional record, and legendary players – the Club acknowledged as “THE” number one club in the world: Manchester United! also known as the Red Devils. As for the Swiss watchmaker, an important step which reinforces its presence in the footballing world, after being the first luxury brand to be associated with this sphere of activity 5 years ago.

The bonds established by Hublot in the realm of football have facilitated encounters and made it possible to win the confidence and friendship of managers, players and supporters alike. Manchester United is woven into the collective memory, thanks to the remarkable skills of great players such as Bobby Charlton, George Best, Eric Cantona and David Beckham, but also Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo and Ryan Giggs. But not only for this reason: the club is also respected for its history and tradition and its forward way of thinking. With its vision of football extending beyond sport, as an activity which generates social interaction and friendship. Its level of rigour and perfection, and its performances, endow it with an international aura. So many values shared with the watchmaker, which is proud to be associated with the Red Devils since 2008.

AdF PR International founded by ALVIM de FARIA is a young and dynamic Public Relations Company that in short space of time has proven that can reach several “wins” by investing in different sectors such as Sports (Football, Boxing, Motor Sport, Athletics), Luxury products (Hublot) launching his own line of Watches (BigBang Angola) and Wines(AdF 2007 Douro Limited Edition).

After several successes in the last two years the PR company continues to growth and investing in other successful fields such as Movie productions.

There are several projects on the horizon like this one which was and still is a guarantee win-win formula.

The Red Devil Bang

Acknowledged and appreciated as a luxury item that can be worn while engaged in sporting activities, as well as during an evening out, our timepieces – a symbol of fusion and innovation – have won over the hearts of new fans. And these fans may well rejoice: the partnership between Hublot and Manchester United heralds a new Big Bang: the Red Devil Bang, a black ceramic chronograph displaying a 45-minutes counter – the duration of a football match half – especially developed by Hublot for football and Manchester United. Sporting on its dial the celebrated Red Devil logo, this is a somewhat rebellious watch that honours the colours of the club, whose history ispunctuated with victories and memorable dramas.


Within the framework of its partnership with Manchester United, the CEO of Hublot, Jean-Claude Biver, strongly wished to also make a commitment to the “Manchester United Foundation”, an organisation which helps young people through various footballrelated activities. The Foundation has developed educational programmes in order to promote better social integration and also provides support for sick children. It acts at international as well as local level. Hublot has always been involved in activities in support and defence of children. As Mr Biver says: “The height of luxury is the capacity to share”. Part of the proceeds from the sales of the “Red Devil Bang” watches will thus be donated to the Foundation.
Just as a reminder: Jean-Claude Biver, Hublot CEO, was at the origin of a pioneering and unexpected development when he decided to associate Hublot’s image with football. The brand began by associating with the Swiss team during the 2006 World Cup, then became involved as official timekeeper at Euro 2008, and meanwhile created a special watch for the Mexican Football Federation. Finally, its latest passionate interest was for the Spanish team, some fifteen days before they won the Euro 2008!

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