AdF Diamonds Cup

Project 24 of 91

The idea of the cup was born out the symbol of the Thinker sculpture “O Pensador” of my country – Angola. This is the object which accompanies me in my many travels around the 4 corners of the world and that I offer to celebrities linked to the World of Football.

The Thinker “O Pensador” has inspired me since my early childhood and continues to be part of my way on the pathway of life.

From the thought intelligence, wisdom, the “know-how”, the strategies and Poetry are born… By creating this cup I want to pass a message on to the World of Football: sportsmanship, civility and solidarity.

The diamonds in this cup do not mean eternal wealth, but the thoughts and achievements of the great players and teams that make the memories of World Football, transmitted to us by past generations and who create future football wealth.

“Jorge Mendes thinks, talks and breathes football. He develops the best players in the world. Because of him, Portugal became a football epicenter for the best players and teams.”


Rui Alvim de Faria





January 9, 2015,

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