AdF Diamonds Cup, Special Award for Jorge Mendes, Best Agent of Globe Soccer 2014, in partnership with AdF & Marca

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A special prize has been set up for Jorge Mendes’ 5 Awards

Globe Soccer celebrates the 5th award with Marca and AdF

The no. 1 agent has won the award in Dubai at all five editions


Dubai – The extraordinary event, if we consider Globe Soccer and its results, regards the awards and the confirmation of Jorge Mendes as the unchallenged number one in the important category of those operators who are closest to the players, i.e. their agents. Since the decision was taken to rank and acknowledge agents, with the first edition of the Awards in Dubai in December 2010, the real special one has been the Portuguese, who over 5 years has managed to break all other records in football by becoming the only person in the game capable of winning a global prize five times running.

Although aware that Mendes’ winning streak could continue, the Globe Soccer organisers, in association with Marca which since 2013 has been the official media partner of the Awards, has decided to mark this achievement which is currently unique in the history of the awards given to the stars and protagonists of intercontinental football.

For this reason it has been decided to set up an Award celebrating this outstanding success, with the hope of being able to award it for other categories too (directors, coaches, players, teams, referees), and, if we looking at 2014, the choice of the location to present the award could only be Madrid (best team, best chairman, best coach, best player, best young player at Globe Soccer Awards 2014). Mendes, moreover, who represents both Ronaldo and James Rodriguez, two of the award-winners, will in some way been playing at home.

Adding further importance to the event is the involvement of AdF with the Diamonds Cup created by Rui Alvim de Faria, the trophy which will be presented on Friday 9 January at Marca’s offices to the agent who has chalked up 5 straight wins. The Award is prestigious, but we are sure that Mendes will have no intention of stopping, after 5 victories we are convinced he will try to go for ten.

The AdF Diamonds Cup is based on the celebration of an idea of sportsmanship, solidarity and civilisation and also awarding the most fundamental values of the art of football.

The cup is assembled with diamonds (424 diamonds in total), silver, crystal and black granite. It weighs about 27 kg and stands 77cm. tall and consecrates one of the greatest names in world football, the Portuguese agent Jorge Mendes.

For Mr Rui Alvim de Faria, the creator and sponsor of the prize, it is well deserved: “It’s an honour to award the best football agent ever with my cup. Mendes thinks, talks and breathes football. I also greet him as a man, not only for his charisma and talent, but also for his human side. A great man who for the fifth time was crowned as the best of the best in his field at the Globe Soccer Awards 2014”.

Today in Madrid, we are pleased and honoured to acknowledge Jorge Mendes once again and we express our sincere thanks to AdF and Marca for making it happen. We also thank Richold SA, a name synonymous to diamonds that gave life to this Cup.



The AdF Diamond Cup:

The idea of the cup was born out of the symbol of the sculpture the Thinker “O Pensador” of Angola.

“O Pensador” has inspired Rui Alvim since his early childhood and continues to be part of his way progress in life.

The diamonds (by the way: 424) in this cup do not represent eternal wealth, but the thoughts and achievements of the great players and teams that have made the history of world football as transmitted to us by past generations and that create football’s future wealth.





January 9, 2015,

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