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É a Vida Alvim: Entrevista a Rui ALVIM de FARIA (AdF)

Programa “É a Vida Alvim” com os convidados Rui Costa Reis (RCR), Marco António de Reis (Playboy) e Rui Alvim de Faria (AdF)
AdF participou nesta entrevista como convidado de Fernando Alvim neste programa da +TVI.

BIG BANG “FC PORTO” – Celebrating 120 years

FC Porto joined AdF and Hublot for the Big Bang “FC Porto’s” watch, as a commemoration of the club’s 120 years. It is a unique piece, of singular good taste with the brands FC Porto and Hublot. For lovers with a spirit of conquest and victory. Holding this watch and hearing the sound of the Hublot’s Big Bang FC Porto ticking, is a hymn of feelings to a club conquering glories that last throughout time. It is a feeling of being a champion all the time!

Globe Soccer Dinner Gala

Rui ALVIM de FARIA presenting at the Globe Soccer Awards 2013 dinner Gala a Big BAng Angola Watch to Xavi, Deco & Ribery. Three of the award winners at the event held in Dubai on the 28 & 29 of December 2013. AdF was one of the gold sponsors of the Dubai International Sports Conference & Gala Dinner organised by Globbe Soccer.