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Dr. White a proud owner of Hublot Big Bang Angola Gold Edition!

Dr Miguel Stanley the Owner of White Clinic has become a proud owner of a Hublot Big Bang Angola Gold Edition.

ALVIM de FARIA the President of AdF PR International went personally to deliver the limited edition of the beautifull Bing Bang to Miguel Stantley known in Portugal and on the media as Dr. White.

Miguel Stanley, DDS, was born in 1973, Durban, South Africa where he received his primary education. Later on, he moved with is family to Lisbon, Portugal where he complete his studies having attended both English and Portuguese schools. He graduated from the ISCSEM (Instituto Superior Ciências da Saúde Egas Moniz) in Lisbon in 1998.

After having completed his degree, he went on to work in an international clinic in the Algarve , south of Portugal, famous for its international community, where he had access to a wide array of patients from all over Europe, becoming very familiar with prosthodontic work from many nations.

Since 2001, he has the only site on the Portuguese internet aimed at answering questions and promoting oral care to over 800 000 users a month, on Portugal’s leading Portal SAPO.

He is a guest on several TV programmes to help promote the publics understanding of dentistry, and was the executive producer and main dentist on a hit TV programme “Dr. Preciso de Ajuda”, that had over a million viewers weekly in its first season. It ran for 3 seasons and changed the way the Portuguese see advanced dentistry.

White is a concept of Lifestyle, Health and Welfare Innovative Concept and unique in the world; At White, you will find the Life Design concept.Everything you need from a simple treatment to complex full body enhancement.

We have chosen a range of treatments,procedures, specialists and products that have never been placed together before. This was created to simplify your life and help you save time, achieving your objectives, and more.

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